Film Review(Preview)

The Fugitive 

Directed by Andrew Davis

Starring Harrison Ford

and Tommy Lee Jones

Studio: Warner Bros.

The Fugitive is a murder mystery, action movie 

about betrayal, loss and finding the truth.

The Fugitive, (1993) based on the 1960s television show, follows the story of  Dr. Richard Kimble, played by Harrison Ford, a doctor in Chicago IL who is framed for the murder of his wife and sentenced to death. After escaping from a prison bus, Kimble is determined to find his wife’s true killer, while also being hunted by the U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (played by Tommy Lee Jones) and his team of marshals. Both the main characters are played by great actors and their performances are amazing.  

Walking to school in Portland sucks.

I walk to school almost every day, the only time I don’t walk to school is when I don’t go to school. Of course if you’ve lived in Portland OR. for a while it’s pretty evident that the climate and weather are not the best for walking, especially around the winter/fall months. Of course weather isn’t as much of an issue during summer but for most of the hotter summer days school is out. I imagine most students can agree with me that school isn’t very enjoyable, but it’s even less enjoyable for me when I’m already in a bad mood before I get there. Being out in the rain and cold even for less than ten minutes still puts me in a bad mood and it’s kinda hard to learn and be engaged in class when you’re in a bad mood. Oftentimes I press though anyway but their are some days where I just don’t want to go out and be in the rain just to go somewhere already boring. 

My dog Ziggy

My family and I got Ziggy two  years ago, on Christmas night, because we had been asking my dad to get a dog for a long time, after our dog Oscar had died a year before. When the time to get him came, he arrived on a plane from Dallas, where he was in a litter of pups that were his siblings. My dad, my sibling Oliver and I had to go to this warehouse to pick him up. He was in  a dog kennel and he was pretty stinky, but he was… (describe how he looked). Being a puppy, he was whining for the whole time in the car, so we let him out of his kennel so he could roam in the car, and the second we let him free he climbed into our laps and chilled out. We figured he had to go to the bathroom, so we went outside in the snow (which he loved), and we played and he went to the bathroom. it was really great when we got him,we were just so happy that he came, he was so cute and loving it was really great to have him around. He made the house more enjoyable to live in. We still have him today, and he is a very good boy.

Why do certain people like colors more than others?

Some people love blue and hate brown, some love orange and hate purple, etc. But how does this come about? I would think it has to do with the context mostly. Some people associate brown with gross things like poop, and others associate it with things like chocolate. Another theory is that there’s the possibility that one person just straight up doesn’t see things the same way another does, some colors might just look more unappealing to one person than another. We might not figure it out for sure, but it’s an interesting thing to think about.

A selection of cookies

Miss Zumstein Gives Me Life

The kind, smiling woman behind the counter at Miss Zumstein’s Bakery and Coffee Shop is not, as you might have guessed, actually called Miss Zumstein—her name is Anya Spence. The shop, which I imagine is named after her great-great grandmother who emigrated from Russia in 1920 and who clutched a book of her favorite sweet recipes in a burlap satchel, is located at 5027 NE 42nd Avenue, just around the corner from Alliance High School. 

The shop opened in 2007 and produces a dizzying array of cookies, cakes, and other desserts, but the highlight for me is called Bob’s Breakfast Burrito, and if you are lucky enough to get there before they have sold out, you are in for a treat: the burrito comprises a tender mix of roasted potatoes, eggs, and cheese, as well as possibly a soupçon of magic, and is served with their house-made habañero salsa that they also sell by the bottle, which adds a spicy, aromatic zest to your morning meal.

Spence has been a supporter of the school since she opened, hosting student poetry readings and donating treats to school events. (She and Ms. Taramasso also discovered they briefly lived in Santa Cruz, California at the same time in the 90s, which is a whole ‘nother story). If you need a sweet treat with your morning coffee or a cake for a special occasion, stop by: as their motto goes, sweets make life sweeter!

Forest Ecology and Digital Media

Alliance @ Meek might be an alternative school, but it has more to offer than one might  think. We have amazing programs, including leadership, video production, and a new  exciting project-based class, Forest Ecology.

At Meek, Forest Ecology is a 3-term class that combines environmental science and digital media. The goal of the class in Term 1 is to learn about the trees in the Portland Parks and Recreation Learning Landscapes arboretum on the school’s campus and to create new signs for the trees that inform visitors about the trees’ form and functions. Students take two classes that work in tandem: in Forest Ecology they are studying the evolution, anatomy, physiology, and naming of plants so that they can help create signage for the Meek Arboretum and understand our local flora in the Digital Media class, where they are photographing the trees and recording information to update the program’s materials to aid in producing the new signage.

Next term the focus will shift to mycology, and the production of a field guide to the fungi of the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center , so stay tuned in October!

Visit the Learning Landscapes site to learn more about the program and learn about volunteer opportunities, view maps, and to learn how to plant  a learning landscape in your community. To learn more about the Natural Resources and Digital Media programs at contact Alliance at Meek, you can call the school at (503) 916-5747.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rehearsal Pictures

These pictures are from our last few days of rehearsal, you can see Mr, Kane building the set. The drama students practicing their scenes, getting ready to perform in front of an audience.

Pathway to PCC

I’ve learned a lot in this class so far. Learning how to post in an online class, which Windy taught us, is going to be very helpful. I learned a better way to find and apply for jobs in the near future.

I plan to go to PCC after high school, so all of this is very relevant. Windy has brought in many guest speakers who work at PCC. I appreciate all of those who have come to Meek to show off all the neat things I can do in my future, such as photo editing, 3D printing, video game design, and more. I do hope to accomplish making an 8-bit game by the end of my senior year. Thank you to all who have been helping me in learning all these wonderful things. As part of this class, I have been working on creating a self-portrait, but mine turned out a little different. I have been working on for a little while. It started out as my self-portrait, but with some editing and help from Ms. Taramasso it turned into what you see now. As you will notice my face is pretty well hidden. Good luck finding it!



The Music of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Something is going on at Meek—the Drama class is putting on a play!. The play is “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. It has both romance and comedy. The students in the class have been putting a lot of time and effort into it. The play will be performed on March 21st and 22nd there will be dinner served at the March 22nd show . Tickets will be on sale soon.

There are a lot of talented people who are helping put on the show; for example, this song was composed by our intern, social worker Tim, who is working with the drama class to create all the music. One of the songs he’s working on right now is for a fairy scene in the play. In the scene we are casting the fairy queen to sleep. The song is a little upbeat and soothing, not too soothing though, since we don’t want the audience to fall asleep too. Along with the song that Tim is playing, the fairies will be singing with him to complete the song.

We hope you will come see the play at one of the two shows!