Pathway to PCC

I’ve learned a lot in this class so far. Learning how to post in an online class, which Windy taught us, is going to be very helpful. I learned a better way to find and apply for jobs in the near future.

I plan to go to PCC after high school, so all of this is very relevant. Windy has brought in many guest speakers who work at PCC. I appreciate all of those who have come to Meek to show off all the neat things I can do in my future, such as photo editing, 3D printing, video game design, and more. I do hope to accomplish making an 8-bit game by the end of my senior year. Thank you to all who have been helping me in learning all these wonderful things. As part of this class, I have been working on creating a self-portrait, but mine turned out a little different. I have been working on for a little while. It started out as my self-portrait, but with some editing and help from Ms. Taramasso it turned into what you see now. As you will notice my face is pretty well hidden. Good luck finding it!