Forest Ecology and Digital Media

Alliance @ Meek might be an alternative school, but it has more to offer than one might  think. We have amazing programs, including leadership, video production, and a new  exciting project-based class, Forest Ecology.

At Meek, Forest Ecology is a 3-term class that combines environmental science and digital media. The goal of the class in Term 1 is to learn about the trees in the Portland Parks and Recreation Learning Landscapes arboretum on the school’s campus and to create new signs for the trees that inform visitors about the trees’ form and functions. Students take two classes that work in tandem: in Forest Ecology they are studying the evolution, anatomy, physiology, and naming of plants so that they can help create signage for the Meek Arboretum and understand our local flora in the Digital Media class, where they are photographing the trees and recording information to update the program’s materials to aid in producing the new signage.

Next term the focus will shift to mycology, and the production of a field guide to the fungi of the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center , so stay tuned in October!

Visit the Learning Landscapes site to learn more about the program and learn about volunteer opportunities, view maps, and to learn how to plant  a learning landscape in your community. To learn more about the Natural Resources and Digital Media programs at contact Alliance at Meek, you can call the school at (503) 916-5747.